Scientific research

The Institute is used as a research center to connect with the research of Dubai Medical University, which is provided by students or faculty members.

  • Provide research facilities for the private sector, academics, researchers and research institutions as partners or clients.
  • We communicate with the research centers and institutions to carry out research at the local and international levels for the benefit of the community.

Laboratory analysis

We provide our customers with the opportunity to know how well their products meet their standards and quality. We also provide quality control services through tests and analyzes of medicines, bioequivalence studies, food, plants, water, soil and all other materials related to industrial products to determine the conformity of these products to the quality standards and the real ingredients of these products, whether natural or pharmaceutical.


We will provide consulting services to our clients from individuals, projects and companies through our laboratories, which will be equipped with the latest equipment at all stages from establishment to production so that we will be able to provide our clients with scientific consulting services for our clients in analysis and research and solving the problems facing them.

Our partners